Special Inspection & Field Services


Geologic Engineering

In depth analysis, planning, and design for structures and public works that involve geologic components.

​Services Provided:

  • Construction Lot Observations

  • Dam and Earthen Embankments

Hazards Assessment

Field observation and initial assessment of potential and/or on-going geologic hazards, including landslides, debris flow, flooding, avalanche, settling, etc.

​Services Provided:

  • Fault Trenching

  • Remote Sensing Evaluation

  • Geologic Mapping

  • etc


Hazards Monitoring

Real-time monitoring of potential threats and hazards using geophysical, and geotechnical equipment and software. 

​Services Provided:

  • Landslide Monitoring

  • Vibration Monitoring

  • etc


Hazards Mitigation

Based off of initial assessment and ongoing monitoring, GeoStrata's geologic consultants offers unique and effective ideas to mitigate or remediate potential and current hazards.

​Services Provided:

  • Rock Wall Design

  • Earthen Embankments

  • Slope Stabilization

  • etc


City & County Consulting

GeoStrata works closely with local and state governments to quickly and effectively consult on pressing concerns and emergencies. 

​Services Provided:

  • Public Water Works

  • Power Line 

  • Roads and Bridges

  • Pavement


Expert Witness

GeoStrata's experienced staff are available to provide expert witness in legal situations where an expert opinion can have great importance in a favorable outcome.

​Services Provided:

  • Expert Witness & Consulting